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    About Us


    Our Founders:

    Limited Watches is family owned and operated since 2001. The company was created by brothers Jonathan and Omer Zach, who have been in the watch industry since 2001. In 2001 we opened our first watch business, Limited Watches Inc, which we still own and operate. At a very early age we both developed a great passion for watches. We both received our very first wrist watches as gifts during momentous times in our lives. For Jonathan, it was a magnificent Omega given to him on his thirteen birthday, from his grandfather, for his Bar Mitzvah present. At eighteen Omer received his first Rolex as a high school graduation present, this by his grandmother. This watch was extra special as it was once worn by his great grandfather. 


    About Limited Watches

    Limited Watches was developed to give our customers creative control in designing their very own wristwatch. For the first time, you as the creator will be able to choose every component for your watch. This includes choosing the model, dial, bezel, and bracelet. After you have finished being the architect we will take over and start constructing your design.


    Our Mission:

    To create an environment that offers you peace of mind, creative expression, and affordability.



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