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    Are the diamond dials, bezels, bracelets, and lugs featured on your site factory?

    All of the diamond accessories featured on pages such as Rolex Men`s, Rolex Women`s, Fine Watches, and Clearance are factory. On the Dress Your Watch page, the diamond accessories are domestically set.

    What does "Domestically set" mean?

    "Domestically set" means we have had our professional jewelers personally set all precious stones.

    Do you have a retail store ?

    Limited Watches is a web-based company.

    Do you accept trade-in`s?

    LW offers competitive prices for most Rolex watches as well as other Swiss brand name watches. Click here to sumbit a trade-in form.

    What is an “Authorized Dealer” or “Official Dealer”?

    These terms describe any company that buys its merchandise exclusively from one manufacturer at a significant discount. In return, the manufacturer requires the “Authorized Dealer” to conform to the manufacturer’s pricing guidelines. In other words, authorized dealers get a deep discount on their merchandise from the manufacturer and typically don’t discount their merchandise to customers very often.

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